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Results including Round 5 - Blyton Park Outer on 15 May 2022
Note: Best 17 scores count.

Pos Pts Name Class Car
1 102 Steve Miles S15C Van Diemen RF96mm2020
2 99 Simon Bainbridge S14 SBR Crono V8 Sports Racecar
3 93 John Loudon S15A Force TA
4 86 Peter Goulding S15D Mygale ff200 Racing Car
5 77 Terry Holmes S15E Lola Single Seater
6 72 Graham Blackwell S15D Mygale EcoBoost
7 64 Anthony Brown S13C AUDI TT
8 60 Matthew Hillam S15C SBD Dallara F399
9 58 Steve Broughton S15C SBD Dallara Mk3
10 54 Stephen Laing S12D Caterham R500
11 53 Nicholas Scott S15B Force Single seater
11 53 Simon Wallis S15A OMS 3000M
13 51 Mark Anson S15A Jedi MK6 Racing Car
13 51 Carole Torkington S15B OMS CF08 Single Seater
15 48 Chris Jones S15A Force TA
16 46 Grahame Harden S14 Radical PR6
17 37 Andrew Webber S13D Lotus Europa 47D/62 R
18 35 Graham Porrett S15E Lola TeGra T90 Single seater
19 22 Ian Johnson S13B Honda Civic Type R
20 10 Rob Kuschel S12C Mini Cooper S

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