The 2024 Woodford Trailers Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders Championship Regulations are available for download here:

2024 Sprint Leaders regs

The Sprint Leaders Championship returns for the 2024 season having been re-introduced in 2019 for the first time since 2003. The Woodford Trailers Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders Championship will be organised by the HSA, and is a class based sprint championship which runs alongside the British Sprint Championship and includes most of the British Sprint rounds. It is open to competitors holding RS Interclub or above competition licences.

The Championship is pleased to be sponsorded by Woodford Trailers.

As the ‘junior’partner to the British Sprint Championship, the Sprint Leaders will take in most of the British Sprint venues with the exception of Kirkistown in Northern Ireland and Knockhill in Scotland. With rounds at classic venues such as Cadwell Park, Snetterton, Mallory Park, Pembrey and Castle Combe it is a truly national Sprint championship with up to 18 events (and with two scoring rounds at each event).

The Championship has classes for Road and Modified Production cars (both Series and Specialist) as well as Sports Libre and Racing classes so this national Sprint championship provides the opportunity for a competitor in virtually any class of car to win a prestigious title or award. Since 2022 the classes have been expanded to include many of the customary engine capacity splits.

2024 sees the re-introduction of a class for Pre '94 Formula Fords and two classes for Sports Libre split at a capacity of 1700cc.

Scoring is based upon the two fastest times set by each competitor across all of the timed runs available and measured against the class winner for their Sprint Leaders class. With two scoring opportunities at each event there will be up to 36 championship rounds with each competitor’s best 18 scores counting towards their total (reduced if events are cancelled).

“Event class results will, if necessary, be reconfigured to match the Sprint Leaders class structure.Championship registered contenders will be awarded points…....... and judged against all competitors (whether entered for the Championship or not) entered in the reconfigured classes “
Sprint Leaders classes all fall within one of MSUK's categories – Road, Modified, Sports Libre or Racing cars and to facilitate scoring the scorers will allocate the classes used at each particular event to one of these four categories where possible, depending of the class descriptions used by the event organisers. Where it is not possible to make this allocation competitors in those classes will not be included in the scoring.

Where the event classes use different capacity groups to the Sprint Leaders classes the upper level of each event class will be used to determine in which Sprint Leaders class competitors will be allocated. So, if the event has a class for 1,601cc to 2,300cc then competitors in this class will be allocated to the Sprint Leaders over 2,000cc class. This is because in many cases event organisers do not publish engine capacities in their results.

Finally, the Class trophies will now include many formerly awarded to the British Sprint categories with many of them having a long and illustrious history:

Racing Cars 
                1100 class the Da Silva Trophy
                1600 class the Bill Gouldthorpe Memorial Trophy
                2000 class the Dick Seaman Trophy
                Pre’94 FF1600 BMCLCC Gould Bowl
                1600T class the Kent Trophy
                Unlimited class the Nuvolari Trophy
Sports Libre Cars 
                up to 1700cc BMCLCC The Club Cup
                over 1700cc The Yorke Trophy

                 Series Production 1400 the Calder Shield
                 Series Production 2000 the Fli Mow trophy
                 Series Production over 2000 the Les Wilkinson trophy
                 Specialist Production the David Render Trophy
                 Series Production 1400 the Nutcracker Trophy
                 Series Production 2000 the Ruinous Trophy
                 Series Production over 2000 the Oppenheimer Trophy
                 Specialist Production the Plays Kool Trophy

You may register for the 2023 SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders Championship by filling out the registration form and sending with a cheque for £45, payable to the Hillclimb and Sprint Association Ltd, to the championship co-ordinator (details on the entry form). Please ensure that your HSA membership is up to date or that your membership application has been submitted before registering for the Championship.

Alternatively can register on-line here and pay through PayPal using either your PayPal account or with your credit card. When registering on-line you will have the opportunity to register for the HSA organised British Sprint and HSA Speed championships at the same time. Competitors entering two of these three championships will have the total cost reduced by £20 and by £30 if all three are entered.

If you are paying by Paypal please remember to wait after you have clicked on 'Pay Now' until Paypal returns you to the HSA web site and your registration number and details are displayed on screen. You will then be sent a confirmation email and your details will appear in the list of competitors.

The 2024 Woodford Trailers Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders Championship Championship entry form can be downloaded here:

pdf Version

If you have difficulty in reading or printing these documents please contact the Championship co-ordinator. Details on the contacts page.

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