High scoring day at Anglesey

Event 3 at Anglesey on 03/04/2022
Event three of the 2022 Sprint Leaders championship was held on Anglesey's longer International track and saw many competitors post high scores in the two rounds held.

Ian Johnson (Honda Civic Type R) had been absent the day before but posted 10 and 12 point scores while Anthony Brown (Audi TT) went one better with a pair of maximum scores.

Chris Jones (Force TA) and Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) also managed a pair of maximums but it was consistend scoring that saw Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) emerge at the top of the championship table from Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono).

Pete Goulding led the championship after Anglesey (Neil Lambert)

Tho max scores for Ian Johnson's Civic (Neil Lambert)

Grahame Harden's Radical PR6 (Neil Lambert)

Jones scores at Anglesey

Event 2 at Anglesey on 02/04/2022
Chris Jones (Force TA) got his 2022 Sprint Leaders season off to a flying start on the Anglesey National circuit with a par of maximum scores.

Also scoring well were Simoin Bainbridge (SBR Crono), Carole Torkington (OMS CF08), Steve Broughton (SBD Dallara), Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96), Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) and Terry Holmes (Lola Tegra).

In the non racing car classes Anthony Brown (Audi TT) went well while Andrew Webber (Lotus 62) was up against some serious competition in his class on the day.

Carole Torkington going well in the OMS (Kim Broughton)

Anthony Brown's Audi TT (Neil Lambert)

Simon Bainbridge - spectacular car and scenery (Neil Lambert)

Loudon & Goulding make good start at Cadwell

Event 1 at Cadwell Park on 26/03/2022
At Cadwell Park on March 26th for the first two rounds of the 2022 SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders Championship, competitors were greeted with glorious warm and sunny spring weather.

John Loudon in his new Laser Tools sponsored Force TA and Pete Goulding in his familiar Mygale M12 Ecoboost both posted a pari of maximum scores to take an early lead in the Championship. Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono) had a good first run but a DNF on T2 ended his day.

Full scores here.

Simon Bainbridge in the SBR Crono

No change at the top for Sprint Leaders

Event 20 at Castle Combe on 23/10/2021
At Bristol Motor Club's rescheduled Great Western Sprint at Castle Combe on October 23rd, competitors enjoyed a dry day and nearly two laps of this quick track.

With nearly all the front runners in this year's SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders championship dropping scores there was little opprotunity to change their positions and the top five remained as they were with John Loudon (Force TA) taking the championship from Andrew Webber (Elan +2), Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono) and Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) and Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) tied in fourth.

Loudon and Terry Holmes (Lola T90 Tegra) were the only competitors to post a double maximum point finish at Combe while  Peter O'Connor (Westfield SE), Bainbridge and Grahame Harden (Radical PR6) also scored well.


John Loudon, 2021 Sprint Leaders champion

Simon Bainbridge, third in the championship

Loudon champion as Webber comes up short

Event 19 at Curborough on 10/10/2021
On Day 2 of the HSA's Auntumn Curborough Sprint on the figure 8 course Andrew Webber (Elan +2) needed a maximum set of scores to keep his championship hopes alive. He fell just short with a pair of 10 point finishes which left the absent John Loudon (Force TA) as the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK Sprint Leaders champion.

Aslo going well on the day were Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost), Stephen Laing (Caterham R500) and Peter O'Connor (Westfield SE).

Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) came out on top of the battle between the two Mygales which helped him move up to fourth in the championship.


Stephen Laing lies just outside the top 10 (Steve Wilkinson)

Webber closes in at Curborough

Event 18 at Curborough on 09/10/2021
With series leader, John Loudon (Force TA) absent, Andrew Webber (Elan +2) had an opportunity to close in on day one of the HSA's Autumn Sprint double header at Curborough. Held on the 2 lap course Webber scored a pair of 11 point finishes to close the gap although a pair of maximum scores would have been better.

Peter O'Connor (Westfield SE) and Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) also scored a pair of elevens and move them both further up the top 10 in the championship.

Series regular, Anthony Brown (Audi TT) had an unfortunate incident when his bonnet flipped up and cracked his windsrenn on the driver's side but he managed to complete his runs.

Andrew Webber scored well at Curborough (Steve Wilkinson)

Graham Blackwell improved his Championship position (Steve Wilkinson)

Anthony Brown before his bonnet incident (Steve Wilkinson)

Hillam sets Leaders pace at Blyton

Event 17 at Blyton Park on 26/09/2021
Day two of Nottingham Sports Car Club's Roger Carrington memorial week-end at Blyton Park, was held on the Outer circuit  and saw Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) the top scoring Sprint Leaders competitor with a pair of maximum points scores.

Pete O'Connor (Westfield SE) backed up his performace from the previous day with a pair of 11 point scores. 

Series leader, John Loudon (Force TA), was suffering engine problems and failed to add to his overall score but was able to maintain a healthy margin despite other competitors, Mark Anson (Jedi MK6), Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost), Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) all scoring well.

Pete Goulding lifts a wheel at the chicane (Anthony Mitchell)

Charles White presses on in the Elise (Anthony Mitchell)

Simon Wallis scored well in the OMS (Anthony Mitchell)

Loudon holds position at Blyton

Event 16 at Blyton Park on 25/09/2021
On Day one of Nottingham Sports Car Club's Roger Carrington memorial week-end at Bltyon Park, held on Blyton Park's Eastern circuit John Loudon (Force TA) maintained his lead in the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK Sprint Leaders championship with a pair of maximum points scores.

Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) also scored a double maximum while Pete O'Connor (Westfield SE) gave his overall position a boost with a pair of 11 point scores. 

Simon Bainbridge in the SBR Crono was having gear selection difficulties but still managed to complete his runs. He scored well enough to move him well up the leader board, despite not running the following day.

Pete O'Connor scored well in the Westfield (Anthony Mitchell)

Simon Bainbridge moved into the top 3 in the Championship (Anthony Mitchell)

Webber closes in at 3 Sisters

Event 15 at Three Sisters on 05/09/2021
At the Longton & District Motor Club's 3 Sisters sprint on September 5th Andrew Webber (Elan +2) took a pair of maximium scores to close to within 5 points of current leader, John Loudon, in the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders championship and win his class on the day.

Following his good result at Aintree the day before. Ian Johnson (Civic Type R) also scored well to move himself up the table.

A good day for some at Aintree

Event 14 at Aintree on 04/09/2021
Andrew Webber (Elan +2), Ian Johnson (Civic Type R), John Loudon (Force HC) and Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) all took a pair of maximum scores at Aintree on September 4th by each setting the fastest and second fastest times in their classes.

Cnsequently the gap between two of the main championship contenders, Loudon and Webber, remained the same at the end of the day.

A good result for John Loudon's Force HC (G Blackwell)

Lindsay Robertson's class winning Force LM (G Blackwell)

Loudon sprints to top of Leaders table

Event 12 at Knockhill on 25/07/2021
Steve Miles' lead at the top of the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders championship on the Knockhill clockwise track on July 25th was cut to 4 points over John Loudon's Force TA as dropped scores began to take effect.

Miles scored a couple of 10 point finishes to end the event on 180 points from Loudon on 176. Repeating his scores from the previous day, Simon Bainbridge in the SBR Crono posted a pair of 11 points scores to close to within a point of Loudon in the table. Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) also scored well to take his toital to 170 points - just ten short of the leader.

Terry Homes (Lola T90 Tegra) again put in the best result with a pair of maximum scores and moved into the top ten in the standings.

John Loudon is lying second in the championship (John Stewart)

Third in the table is Simon Bainbridge (John Stewart)

Smiles hangs on at Knockhill

Event 11 at Knockhill on 24/07/2021
Championship leader, Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96), maintained a slim lead after the round held on the Knockhill anti clockwise course on July 24th. A pair of ten point scores were enough to keep him ahead of John Loudon (Force TA) with a pair of 8 point scores and Simon Bainbridge's SBR Crono with a pair of 11 pointers.

Standout performances came from Terry Holmes (Lola T90 Tegra) and Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) who posted 12 who both posted two maximum scores. Mark Anson (Jedi MK6) and Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) also went well to maintain their strong positions in the championship top 10.

Simon Wallis taking maximum points (John Stewart)

Mark Anson takes some kerb at Knockhill (John Stewart)

High scores as Miles takes lead at Lydden

Event 10 at Lydden Hill on 17/07/2021
The 2021 SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders championship saw a new leader take over at the top of the table as Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) moved six points clear of John Loudon (Force HC) following a FTD setting fastest run backed up with a strong second fastest time.

Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) and Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) both had a successful week-end recording a pair of maximum scores while Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono) held on to third place in the table with a pair of 10 point scores.

It wasn't only competitors in the racing car classes who were putting in good performance as Stephen Laing (Carterham R500) and Andrew Webber (Elan +2 and fourth in the table) both went well.

Steve Miles now heads the Sprint Leaders table (Kim Broughton)

Simon Bainbridge is now 3rd in the title chase (Kim Broughton)

Bainbridge takes championship third at Snetterton

Event 9 at Snetterton on 27/06/2021
Day two of Borough 19's Snetterton Sprint week-end on Sunday June 27th saw John Loudon (Force HC) extend his Sprint Leaders championship lead with a pair of maximum points finishes.

Similar performances came from Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) and pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) while Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono V8) scored a pair of 11 point finishes to move into third place in the championship behind Steve Miles.

A maximum score for Matt Hillam at Snetterton (Kim Broughton)

Simon Bainbridge moved into a championship third place (Jane Loudon)

Loudon moves ahead at Snetterton

Event 8 at Snetterton on 26/06/2021
At Borough 19's efficiently run Snetterton Sprint on June 26th John Loudon (Force HC) moved into the lead of the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK HSA Sprint Leaders championship with a 10 and 12 point score.

Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) slipped a couple of points behind Loudon while Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) and Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) both posted a pair of maximum scores to get their 2021 Championship challenges back on track.

Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) continued his run of good form with a pair of strong scores to maintain his championship position.

John Loudon took the Sprint Leaders lead at Snetterton (Simon Reid @ Fokus.media)

A maximum score for Pete Goulding's Mygale (Kim Broughton)

Three way battle for the Leaders at Pembrey

Event 7 at Pembrey on 06/06/2021
The battle for the 2021 Sprint Leaders championship was well and truly joined on day two of the BARC Wales Pembrey sprint on June 6th.

Another double maximum points finish moved John Loudon (Force HC) to within two points of Championship leader Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) with Andrew Webber (Elan +2) again scoring well to sit just two points behind Loudon.

Another driver not to be discounted is Simon Bainbridge in the V8 powered SBR Crono who scored a pair of 10 point results to lie fourth in the Championship. 

John Loudon and Simon Bainbridge contemplate the SBR Crono (Kim Broughton)

Miles maintains lead at Pembrey

Event 6 at Pembrey on 05/06/2021
John Loudon (Force HC) took maximum points from the two rounds held on the first day of the BARC Wales Pembrey Sprint on May 5th to move closer to the lead in the Leaders championship.

On a wet/dry/wet/dry day the only other competitor to take maximum points from both rounds was Matt Hillam, making his first appearance of the year in the Championship with the SBD Dallara.

Other front runners to score well included Andrew Webber (Elan +2) and Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96)

On track photography was restricted at the event so paddock shots are included for a change.

Matt Hillam prepares for a run (Kim Broughton)

O'Connor leads Miles after Blyton

Event 3 at Blyton Park on 16/05/2021
At the end of the second day of Longton's Blyton Sprint week-end and after a pair of strong performances, Peter O'Connor (Westfield) led Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) by two points at the top of the Sprint Leaders Championship standings.

But following closely behind in the Championship were Andrew Webber (Elan +2) and John Loudon (Force HC) who both scored a pair of maximum points finishes.

Peter O'Connor leads the Sprints Leaders after Blyton (Anthony Mitchell)

Simon Bainbridge's mighty SBR Chrono V8 (Anthony Mitchell)

Simon Wallis' OMS 3000M (Anthony Mitchell)

Max scores for Webber, Bainbridge and Holmes at Blyton

Event 2 at Blyton Park on 15/05/2021
On the first day of the Longton Blyton Sprint week-end, Andrew Webber (Elan +2), Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono) and Terry Homes (Lola Tegra) all scored maximum points in both rounds.

With 16 competitors taking part and a quick day  there were plenty of good scores being achieved including the non racing classes where Ian Johnson (Honda Civic Type R) and Peter O'Connor (the ex John Loudon Westfield) who both came away with a pair of 10s.

Ian Johnson scored well in the Civic Type R (Anthony Mitchell)

Tony Beesley's Jedi Mk4 going well (Anthony Mitchell)

Steve Broughton takes early Leaders championship lead

Event 1 at Goodwood on 17/04/2021
The first two rounds of the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK Sprint Leaders championship were held at Goodwood on April 17th and Steve Broughton took his Dallara F399 to a 10 and 12 points score over the two rounds to take an early lead in the championship.

Close behind were Matt Hillam (Dallara F399), Zoe Kingham (Westfield) and Peter O'Connor (Westfield) who all scored double 10 point results.

Steve Broughton at the Goodwood chicane (Mike Curtin)

Peter O'Connor's Westfield (Kim Broughton)

Charles White's Elise provides some variety to the Leaders field (Mike Curtin)

A relaxed Zoe Kingham in the SBD Westfield (Kim Broughton)

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